Services Offered

Personal Injury
Our personal injury law firm has been recognized for its success in simple and complex injury litigation. With a decade of courtroom experience, Mr. Valdez has successfully represented clients who have suffered serious injuries in car accidents, premise liability, and wrongful death. Our legal team has the experience and the skill to effectively represent you in your personal injury claim.
Contract Law
For many new business owners, or operators of already existing small businesses, one of the most pressing, nagging fears is litigation. If someone brings a contract claim against you, the court costs and legal fees alone could ruin your business. Since contracts are such an integral part of business transactions, it is essential to work with an Arizona contract law attorney to help you avoid litigation through sound legal counsel and drafting for your contract needs.
Family Law
Here at Valdez Law, we offer individuals and families compassionate, strategic and customized representation. Whether you are ending a marriage, protecting assets, modifying an original divorce decree, seeking a pre-nuptial agreement or involved in paternity issues, we are here to help you. We can be your advocates, so you can concentrate on caring for yourself and your family.